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About us

Banner Live is the real revolution in the internet advertising market - here you can upload your banners to the international catalogue of banners for free. Actually it makes you a possibility to place a banner (advertising) free of charge at a powerful internet resource. Every banner after uploading to a catalogue gets a unique page indexed by all search engines (Google, Yandex, Bing, Ask etc.). In such a way it is possible for you to find your banner in the internet by making appropriate inquiry. You may add a unique banner name and description to the page with your banners. The information included will facilitate promotion of banner in the search engines. Also you can sell your products through our website by presenting pictures, descriptions, prices, your contact details as well as the links to any website - your e-shop, online auction or other websites where you sell your products.


On Banner Live you can not only upload user-made banners but also create a banner for free. You may also create lots of new banners for extra payment. The price for creating a banner online on Banner Live is the lowest in the internet.


At you can:

-upload flash banners and photo banners in the international catalogue of banners absolutely free of charge;

-create a banner free of charge on-line and also to create lots of banners in low price;

-promote your website, product, idea, trade mark, company etc;

-promote a banner which as on today is the real novelty;

-sell products directly from our website or facilitate additional sales by adding a link to other website with your products.


Restrictions of our website

On the it is FORBIDDEN:

-to create or upload banners of erotic content, banners popularising cruelty, violence and other banners violating generally accepted moral norms;

-to create banners containing links to websites containing viruses, trojans, or any type of malproduct.

Any banner uploaded violating these terms will be removed without warning.